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Kumon Gavà

We have been helping our students not only to learn mathematics and acquire a good reading habit for more than 5 years, but also to discover their maximum potential. In this time, more than 200 students have been able to enjoy the benefits of doing Kumon Reading and Kumon Mathematics. Give your child the academic advantage that the Kumon method will provide, since through any of our programs, Kumon Mathematics, Kumon Reading and Kumon English, your child will improve in school and acquire skills that will be helpful in all the subjects: study habit, concentration, autonomy and desire to learn, all in a self-taught way, which generates personal satisfaction and self-confidence. Difficulties will be challenges to which you will know how to react with a positive attitude. All this will be useful for your school and personal development. Families play a very important role in the monitoring and evolution of their children in Kumon, since it is a daily and constant work in which parents also participate. Your child, through a totally individualized program adapted to her needs, will progress at her own pace, and all this regardless of her age and school level. Your child has great potential, help him discover it!

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